Think & Act

Think & Act is the new online resource for primary teachers interested in social justice issues. The result of a unique collaboration using high-quality animations with age-appropriate stories and scenarios, Think & Act resources have been developed by teachers for teachers. Lesson ideas, starting with the issue of migration and family reunification, are provided in a range of curriculum areas.

With the emphasis on active learning and critical thinking, Think & Act will get your class exploring the world around them.

Enter and explore!

How was the site made andWho was involved?

Educate Together

Educate Together, Ireland’s multi-denominational education patron, has 68 primary schools and three second-level schools (under development) in its national network.

Educate Together schools teach the full primary curriculum. Religious instruction is not taught during the school day, children are instead taught an ethical education curriculum, known as Learn Together Curriculum. This curriculum is divided into four strands: Moral and Spiritual, Equality and Justice, Belief Systems and Ethics and the Environment.

Pivotal Arts

Pivotal Arts (previously FOMACS) is a not-for-profit creative hub focusing on intersecting social issues: migration, living with difference, urban design and architecture, youth and place identities, ageing and food cultures. Comprising a team of filmmakers, architects, curators, academics, strategists, social entrepreneurs and digital designers, the Pivotal Arts approach is built on the belief that multidisciplinary skills and perspectives propel creativity, drive innovation and foster pioneering understandings of old and new challenges.



A range of patrons and contributors provided vital support for Think & Act. The animations were sponsored by The Atlantic Philanthropies with completion funding from the Irish Film Board. Core content on ‘Family Reunification’ was developed in collaboration with The Immigrant Council of Ireland.

The teaching packs were funded by State Street and The Atlantic Philanthropies.

The website was funded by Allianz and The Atlantic Philanthropies.